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Wenn Sie Hilfe bei Off-Page-SEO, Content-Erstellung, digitaler PR und allem, was dazwischen liegt, suchen, herzlich willkommen. Wir arbeiten direkt mit Marken und Kunden in verschiedenen Nischen weltweit. Gelegentlich arbeiten wir mit anderen Agenturen zusammen, um bei geringer Kapazität zu helfen.

Grafik eines Terminplaners zur Vereinbarung eines Anrufs oder Termins

„Es war eine große Freude, wieder mit Anouk zusammenzuarbeiten. Anouk reagiert schnell und hat das Wissen, um dieses Projekt zum Erfolg zu führen. Ich werde gerne wieder ein neues Projekt mit Anouk starten. "

  • Which languages do you service?
    English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Bulgarian. Content Creation We have an in-house team for English, German, Spanish and French. For other languages, we use contractors.
  • What's your recommended starting budget?
    This depends on what you want to achieve and how competitive your niche is; however, our minimum monthly order is 2500€. We have a 110% Money Back Guarantee, meaning if we fail to provide you a list of sites that meet the min acceptance criteria within 2 weeks, we will refund you your money + an additional 10%. Let's jump on a call to discuss what that means. For content creation, we do not have a min order.
  • Can I also provide my own content for publishing?
    Yes, as long as the content meets the publisher's requirements. We also have a proofreading service for German and English.
  • Do you do keyword research?
    Yes, absolutely. We employ a few strategies depending on the desired outcome. A plain vanilla strategy will include looking at the following Existing Organic keywords High intent Low difficulty (ahrefs) Ranks outside the top 10 of SERP
  • How much do links cost?
    Webmaster fees vary broadly depending on region, niche, quality and our ability to negotiate. We are transparent about fee breakdown; you will see this in the client dashboard. We keep it simple, meaning one price. We will quote you "one price" that will include the following: ☑️ Webmaster fee ☑️ Content creation fee ☑️ Our admin fee
  • Will the links be dofollow?
    Yes, we only work with webmasters that publish do-follow links.
  • How long does it take to see results?
    Depending on the number and quality of links we build, it normally takes between 6 - 8 weeks to start seeing the impact of a campaign, sometimes sooner.
  • How long are links guaranteed for?
    Each webmaster is different. Ideally we negotiate for permanent placement otherwise a min of 12 months. If a webmaster removes a link in less than a year, we offer a full-refund. After a year, we do our best to get the link live again. If this fails, we place the publisher on a blacklist.
  • How many links do you guarantee per month?
    The number of links depends on your budget, niche, strategy and season (building links during peak EU summer is a struggle). We have worked with targets as small as 5 links per month all the way upto 80 links per month.
  • Are there any regions you don't cater for?
    No, there aren't. But there are regions and niches that combined, make a campaign more challenging. But, we enjoy challenges!
  • Are there niches you don´t cater for?
    We don't offer link building services for the adult niche or illegal activity websites.
  • Which tools do you use?
    Ahrefs, Majestic, MOZ, Semrush, Buzzstream, Google workspace, GA and our own Proprietary Internal SEO Software.
  • Do you work with PBNs?
    No! We only work with sites that pass our very strict internal vetting process. Our focus is on relevant, real websites, that independently generate a decent amount of monthly organic traffic.
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