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Our Process



On-boarding call

At the beginning of every new campaign we schedule an on-boarding call where we discuss your requirements and expectations. Areas that we cover during this stage are objectives and KPIs, timelines, your communication preference and any legal requirements and company policies we need to know about.

During this call we will also run you through our campaign sheet. This sheet will be constantly updated and allow you to keep track of any sites that are awaiting approval, with webmaster or published.

A successful link-building campaign requires a combination of strategic groundwork; a talented team to execute the plan and constant improvement of the workflow. From finding the best publishing partners, to content creation, publishing and everything in-between; we ensure that every campaign runs efficiently and cost effectively. 


Research & Analysis

Every successful link building campaign starts with extensive research and analysis. During this phase we analyse your website, your current backlink profile, your anchor text distribution, your industry and your competitors. This stage paves the way for the rest of the campaign and provides our prospectors and link builders with the information they need to find the sites that make a difference and 'ameliorate' your rankings.




Now that our team has a good understanding of the situation, they can set out to find the most suitable and beneficial link building partners for you. 

We use a combination of google search, utilising sought-after SEO tools as well as vetting our existing database to find the most suitable sites. The focus is on relevance and authority, which means every suggested site is suitable for your brand and niche and is aimed for maximum results.

Every website is vetted to make sure it suits your niche, publishes content regularly, has an audience and meets our SEO requirements. Our team looks at a site as a whole and uses multiple tools to evaluate it´s value, rather than only focusing on one metric. 

During the prospecting process our prospectors also make sure to find the most suitable contact person for the website. We try to avoid using general email address, where possible.




Once the prospecting team has put together a list of vetted and suitable sites, it´s time for the outreach team to do their magic. 

For the entire outreach process we use Buzzstream - A renowned PR & Link Building outreach software which helps our team save time and respectively saves money for our clients. 

We make use of outreach templates which are personalised and optimised for every site and campaign. The focus is on building relationships with webmasters and bloggers, while getting the best deal or you as our client.

Unless specified otherwise, we will never mention our clients´ name in the initial outreach emails. 

Depending on how involved you want to be, you will have the opportunity to review all sites that we get confirmation for, before we publish any content. 



Content Creation & Publishing

Once the sites are chosen, it´s time to create the content. We have a team of copywriters and content managers who are specialized on writing link building content. If you prefer to write the content in-house, then of course that works, too.

Once the content is created (whether that is an entire article or a paragraph to update existing content) it´s time to handle the publication. This is the final stage and we don´t consider our job done, until all links are live. Every step of the process can easily be monitored through our live campaign sheets. Of course, once the links are published our link building team makes sure to check the content, anchor text and source code to avoid any surprises such as a noindex or sponsored tag.

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